Nicciskincare ( is an ecommerce Product based business. This business is totally based on selling hair products, face gels, organic oils India. The website owner contacted us regarding Low sales in October 2019.

It’s an eCommerce website with hundreds of products. The client’s main focus was to generate more sales. Therefore, our major challenges were:
• Choose keywords with commercial intent
• Bring relevant traffic
• Remarketing & Retargeting
• Increase sales
• Decrease the cist/conv

Sales data before we started:

What We Did:
Our PPC experts researched exact keywords and then decided to go with High traffic keywords initially as they had good average monthly searches and drove relevant traffic to website.
During the first week of our PPC process, we added all the targeted keywords that had high searches and modified the ad copies. Next phase was to optimize the search query reports to add negative keywords to stop irrelevant traffic to the website.

By doing all these changes, we noticed a significant increase in the number of clicks and CTR in Google Ad words.
1. We Decreased cost/conv. From 162 INR to 142 INR.
2. We have 351 conversions till now.

After PPC: Results

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